Drainage Problem? Solved!

Bobcat Man has extensive experience at troubleshooting exterior water flow problems and fixing them for a few hundred dollars before they become $20,000 foundation repair bills.

Creating swales, building berms, trenching, adding drainage pipe, drains, PVC pop-ups, rain gardens, grading...these are a few of the tools and techniques he uses to put water in its place.


BOBCAT!!! Above Photo: Digging for installation of PVC pipe at a residential job in Springfield, TN for a contractor.

Lower Photo: Digging a large swale to ensure water flows properly around a newly constructed house in Antioch, TN. Before starting, the hillside sloped up against the house leaving water nowhere to go except inside...not good. But the new swale totally works!



When to call 811

Short answer: Any time your project will disturb earth, especially if you don't look that great in stripes : )

Tennessee 811 law requires a call to mark utilities even if you're simply planting a shrub and even if you've had utilities marked in the past. A dig ticket is valid for 15 days, can be renewed if necessary and is 100% free of charge. Failure to make the call and get caught? That will result in a $2,500 fine, 2 days in jail, and restitution for any damaged lines. The call and service is free and well worth five minutes of your time.