Sometimes a gravel drive needs grading. Sometimes a residential customer has a hilly, lumpy back yard they want smoothed out. Sometimes a contractor wants a rough grade on a new home install. Sometimes a fine grade to get ready for sod or seed is on the agenda. Bobcat Man has done all of that and can do your grading too.

Bobcat Man occasionally gets calls from people who either rent a machine or hire an inexperienced operator to do grading, end up with a mess and need him to fix it. He will, but feels bad about needing to charge the customer who already paid through the nose for the rental machine or for the inexperienced operator on a rubber tire skid steer thinking that would get it done.

Typically the little 50 HP or less rented machine, combined with a lack of operator skill, couldn't dig into a pile efficiently, if it would dig at all. Or the skinny little tires created more problems than the attempted grading smoothed up. "I couldn't even get a quarter bucket out of the pile," bemoaned one homeowner in Franklin, TN. "I realized I should have hired a pro to begin with about 30 minutes in," sobbed another in Hendersonville. Bobcat Man carries Kleenex for these situations and dispenses them free of charge.


BOBCAT!!! Certainly grading requires vision, you've got to "have an eye for it". But knowledge is important too. You had better know about the drops required to move water in various conditions. And you better know how to use various types of levels such as the lazer level pictured above (on a job in Goodlettsville) to achieve those critical drop points.

Spending $ on grading by an operator who doesn't know squat and ending up with water pouring in your foundation is not near as funny as it sounds and definitely is no bargain, regardless of price.

Lower Pic: Garage dig & level on hillside. Of it, the customer had this comment: "Bobcat Man dug a level spot for my 24 x 40 garage plus a 30 foot level spot in front of the garage on my sloping backyard. He also cut the driveway to it and spread the crush/run on the drive. All done in 4 hours, fast and efficient. Thank you Bobcat Man for the great job!" - Allen Papendick, Colmbia, Tn



Tracks vs. Tires

As you can see from the pics on this site my machine has rubber tracks. My previous Bobcats were all tires and I can tell you from experience, tracks are superior in every way. They distribute the machine weight over more square inches and give unbelievable traction for digging or for operating in muddy conditions. In regards to grading, they provide a highly stable platform for cutting to a certain depth and smoothing.

In fact, the only disadvantage of tracks I can think of is the cost when they wear out. A set of replacement tracks for my T590 is about $3,500 (about $1,250 per track plus tax). How do you spell sticker shock?