The Right Choice for Gravel Spreading!

Bobcat Man has spread gravel and crusher run on small driveways, 1/4 mile long driveways and 1 mile long driveways! He can spread yours.

A mile long driveway with multiple loads of gravel to spread and some light grading will require most of his hourly minimum. But if your job is strictly spreading gravel, no grading, and it's small see the "Rates & Internet Discount Coupons" section of this site for a special deal!
If your drive is sloped and water constantly erodes it, Bobcat Man can make suggestions and implement fixes that will greatly reduce or eliminate the problem.

But do hire Bobcat Man or some other operator, don't rent. In most cases renting a Bobcat or similar loader for gravel spreading (or any task) is an even worse choice than hiring someone else, please see the sidebar to the right.

BOBCAT!!! Above: Bobcat Man backdrags to smooth crusher run on a driveway job in Nashville.

The T590 Bobcat run by the Bobcat Man is a winning combo...a match made in Bobcat heaven you might say. "I wait to get you Bill," said Johnny, a contractor I work for regularly who builds new houses in Antioch,TN, "Because you and your machine can do what no one else I've hired before over the years can!

Sanford And Son Or Rent?

Yes, Any accountant can verify: by hiring Bobcat Man you'll save so many $$$ and get so much more accomplished, you're actually further ahead watching Sanford and Son re-runs while Bobcat Man does your job than by renting a machine and attempting to do-it-yourself.

Of course you could double down on your productivity by using that extra 8-10 hours you freed up by hiring Bobcat Man to work on some other aspect of your project, as many of his customers do, but with Bobcat Man on your job your day will end with increased productivity, regardless. So enjoy, no guilt necessary!

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