A Rammed Earth Greenhouse!

Here's an interesting project Bobcat Man helped with in Gallatin, Tn. After Bobcat Man did the initial excavation, during intermission, the greenhouse owner/builder rammed the excavated earth into used tires using a sledgehammer.

The filled tires were then used to construct the walls, several tires thick on three sides. Here we see the sun-facing side left open for glass that will be added later. Ventilation tubes, re-bar, tin cans and more were added.

On a second visit (several months and, most likely, many days of sore arms) later, more dirt was excavated to push up around the sides of the structure. It's an amazing work, utilizing the latest green energy concepts.



See a natural stone firepit Bobcat Man constructed recently he named
"Stonehenge: The Bowells of Hellfire!"

Then take a peek at a wonderfully simple lakeside block firepit that will have you singing Otis Redding in no time:

The T590 Bobcat run by the Bobcat Man is a winning combo...a match made in Bobcat heaven you might say. "I wait to get you Bill," said Johnny, a contractor who builds new houses I work for regularly, "Because you and your machine can do what no one else I've hired before over the years can!

Before You Rent A Bobcat

Know this: A "$225 rental" can easily morph into costing you between $500 and $600 by checkout time. It sounds crazy but that's exactly how it's designed to happen. You're lured in by the "rental fee," later the sales tax and insurance is added to arrive at the "out-the-door" price and then you'll discover you need the store to deliver the machine. Once it arrives, you will indeed use expensive diesel fuel and plenty of it.

Check this: Your total will likely be MORE THAN DOUBLE the rental fee once nearly mandatory one-day insurance on the loader, sales tax, delivery fees and fuel costs are calculated. And forget pickup with the Ford F-150 or other half-ton. At every store in the Nashville area we researched, a minimum 3/4 ton truck is required to load the tiniest Bobcat, a 1 ton truck minimum for larger machines. You'll be responsible for any damages to the machine and you'll assume full liability on the job site. If the rental quote is $250, don't be suprised if costs climb to $500 and $600 by checkout.

Are you a homeowner considering renting for just a day or two? The Bobcat Man is FAR CHEAPER, will get more work done (due to experience) assumes ALL liabilty, and frees your time to double your productivity!

Are you a contractor? A long term rental of a month or more may make good business sense. One day or two here & there? No way! Not even close, especially if you're wasting additional money paying an employee to operate it!