The Right Choice For All Kinds of shi...stuff!

Bobcat Man has been hired to do all kinds of unusual things. Digging wallow ponds, moving hot tubs, creating a target shooting area, excavating for a rammed-earth greenhouse, working inside pens containing live buffalo and elk...who knows what's next? Maybe you do?


Above: Bobcat Man tears out asphalt to make way for a new tennis court on a job at Garner Park, Springfield, TN.


Here Bobcat Man carries off pirate booty he dug up on a job in Hendersonville. Okay, it was sand, just sand!


On June 8th, 2012 Bobcat Man went to visit a Mr. Marty in Cane Ridge, Tn and somehow found himself removing asphalt in Tombstone, AZ in the late 1800's. How does THAT work? The asphalt removal went fine but he was on edge all day keeping an eye peeled. The T590 is tough but it's no match for Billy The Kid with dual six guns blazin'!


Bobcat Man creating a jump while constructing a BMX practice track in the backyard of Ken Spring, Ph.D., a professor and Associate Dean of Academics at a Nashville university. Now there's the proof that smart people hire Bobcat Man!

Ken is also an avid BMX follower and a participant in BMX races since the age of eight. He has promised video of himself biking the track, hopefully to be posted here soon!

The BMX track plan:BOBCAT!!!

What's a Rammed-Earth Greenhouse? Take a look!
"A Rammed-Earth Greenhouse"

The T590 Bobcat run by the Bobcat Man is a winning combo, a match made in Bobcat heaven you might say. "I wait to get you Bill," said Johnny, a contractor who builds new houses I work for regularly, "Because you and your machine can do what no one else I've hired before over the years can!

Are you a homeowner considering renting for just a day or two? The Bobcat Man is FAR CHEAPER, will get more work done (due to experience and machine size & power) assumes ALL liabilty, and frees your time to double your productivity!

Are you a contractor? A long term rental of a month or more may make good business sense. One day or two here & there? No way! Not even close, especially if you're wasting additional money paying an employee to operate it!