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Get Bobcat Man's 20 + years of experience operating Bobcat brand equipment, his beastly T590 and his "get-the-job-DONE-yesterday" attitude by CALLING TODAY: 615-855-6630.

CURRENT RATES: Rates below include the $60,000 Bobcat brand track loader, delivery with $50,000 1 ton truck and trailer or better, AND A HIGHLY SKILLED OPERATOR!!

(Note the "INTERNET COUPON SPECIALS!!!" posted below that may apply to your job, take a look see!)


2017 Half Day Rate: See coupon section below, half day not always available.

2017 Full Day Rate for a Bobcat T590 Track Loader:

$925 Minimum Charge for up to 8 hours, machine with operator. Includes 15 minutes load/unload and 25 minutes travel each way.

If your job goes overtime (up to 2 hours max. same day) or a second day is required it's straight $85 per hour for hours over 8 hours. ...
This compares very favorably with other operators "bidding jobs" at a calculated machine rate of $125 to $175 per hour or more, and unless your job is located far outside Bobcat Man's normal operating area, the minimum compares very favorably with do-it-yourself renting, as Bobcat Man's $800 minimum INCLUDES the details most rental companies and skid steer service providers refuse to disclose until you are checking out (or you signed off on in the fine print and you'll discover when you see your credit card statement). Those extras you WILL pay for that are part of Bobcat Man's rate: Full coverage insurance, diesel fuel, sales tax, machine cleaning charge, machine transportation ...everything! Rental companies charge delivery/pickup fees, typically between $115 to $350 total, that are similar to Bobcat Man's ingress/egress charge. For example, Home Depot delivery charges begin at $65 each way, $130 total.

Most rental companies also charge expensive cleaning fees. To avoid them you will need to stop early and spend up to an hour of your rental time cleaning.

Plus, one HUGE difference: Bobcat Man's low $850 price includes a highly experienced operator, freeing hours of your valuable time over renting and doing it yourself!

The TYPICAL GRAND TOTAL COST TO RENT A "This machine rents for $325-PER-DAY", Bobcat Track Loader Machine similar to, or identical to, Bobcat Man's MIGHTY MIGHTY $60,000 T590 with the 20% damage waiver ($60), diesel fuel (approx $75), sales tax ($78), average 20 mile delivery ($175) and pick up ($175) in the Nashville area: $825.

Then add in the cost of your time to operate it, clean it, and travel in to pay for it/sign the contract. If your time is worth even $25 per hour your total cost to rent

is over $1,000!

DON'T DO IT! It's NO BARGAIN, it's NOT cheaper, it's MORE! More money out of pocket and your valuable time is lost. SAVE $ + Save HOURS of YOUR Valuable TIME: Pick up the phone and call Bobcat Man NOW!! Let's check out THE DEALS:






Small Jobs DEAL!

General Bobcat work starting at only $199!! Good for jobs a little large to tackle by hand. light grading up to 8 inches, Small patio dig out. driveway grade and gravel, move heavy items, etc. $199 minimum for ingress/egress and 1 hour of operating time. NO excavation, no pool leveling.

Travel charge may apply. **Extra Hours over 1 up to 3 extra hours billed at $100/hr. Operating hours Beyond 4 charged $85 per hour.OFFER EXPIRES 11-15-18. .




Above ground pool leveling up to 18 foot maximum pool size round or rectangle, up to 1 hour ingress/egress. laser level setup, plus 4 hours of grading, digging and laser leveling for only $625!!

Travel charge may apply. **Extra Hours over 5 billed at $100/hr. OFFER EXPIRES 11-15-18. .





1/2 Day Deal!

Yes, get Bobcat Man's beastly T590 with Bobcat Man operating
Up to 10 road miles of ingress/egress and 4 hours of operating time for only $535!
*Valid for grading and drainage work as well as general Bobcat work. Does not apply to excavation. * Extra hours charge applies over 4 hours total operating time. Gravel or other materials not included. Extra travel charge may apply. Good for most of Sumner country and upper Davidson: Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Madison, Greenbriar, Ridgetop, Lakewaood, East Nashvile, Inglewood. Travel charge applies over 10 miles. OFFER EXPIRES 11-30-18. **Extra Hours over 4 operating hours billed at $100/hr.






Yes, get Bobcat Man's beastly T590 with Bobcat Man operating
Up to 8 hours of ingress/egress and operating time for only $825!
You get up to one hour egress/regress and 7 hours operating time.

*Valid for spreading, grading and drainage work as well as general Bobcat work. Does not apply to excavation.

* Extra hours charge applies over 8 hours total time. Gravel or other materials not included. Travel charge applies over 10 road miles. Good for most of the greater Nashville area.

**Extra Hours over 8 billed at $85/hr. OFFER EXPIRES 12-15-18.

In other words, hire someone with less experience; with rubber tires supplying a tiny fraction of the push power; running a mid-size or smaller machine and you're paying 72% of the Bobcat Man rate but it takes twice as long or more and costs more, not less!

Some people see only the hourly rate and mistakenly think the lower rate number is the better deal. Intelligent people do their research, verify the slightly higher rate for over double the machine and talent is the far better deal, then pick up the phone and call the Bobcat Man!

And Bobcat Man shows up for the job! Many others do not!




BOBCAT!!! The T590 Bobcat run by the Bobcat Man is a winning combo...a match made in Bobcat heaven you might say. "I wait to get you Bill," said Johnny, a contractor I work for regularly who builds new houses in Antioch, Tennessee, "Because you and your machine can do what no one else I've hired before over the years can!"



The Cost To Rent A T590 Just Like Bobcat Man's?


A Bobcat T590 like Bobcat Man's has a total delivered total rental cost of $800 to over $1,000 per day. Don't believe it? These are the numbers quoted by one local rental store. Believe:

Bobcat T590 Rental fee: $335
Sales Tax: $31.82
**Insurance Charge: $50.25
30 gallons diesel: $120 (normal procedure at every rental store we surveyed is to add a $1 or so surcharge per gal. In 8 hours of throttle wide-open, hard running, you'll definitely use a full 30 gallons and probably more like 35 to 40 gallons).
Delivery: $125-$250 depending on distance
Pickup: An additional $125-$250 depending on distance
You need a 1 ton truck minimum and 12,000 lb. capacity trailer with brakes to self-pickup but who has that except a contractor or Bobcat owner?

TOTAL COST TO RENT a delivered T590 Bobcat like Bobcat Man's for 7 usable hours (8 hours rental, less 1 hour for your machine cleaning time): $800 to $1,050. Look at it hourly, look at it in terms of your time freed up, look at what you get for the money- no matter how you slice it, Bobcat Man's regular rate and Internet Special Coupon Rate is a bargain!

Are you a homeowner considering renting for just a day or two? The Bobcat Man is FAR CHEAPER, will get more work done (due to experience) assumes ALL liability, and frees your time to double your productivity!

Are you a contractor? A long term rental of a month or more may make good business sense. One day or two here & there? No way! Not even close, especially if you're wasting additional money paying an employee to operate it! Run the numbers; rent and you'll be losing money with every bucket full.

** The $50.25 one day insurance charge (which extrapolates to a mind boggling $18,341 per year!) will be waived by the rental store if you have proof of insurance on the machine. But who would have that except a Bobcat owner or a contractor who rents long term? To add insult to injury almost all stores will require you to sign what they call the "mandatory insurance waiver" that is actually a contract obligating you to pay the insurance at day's end, not waive it!