Topsoil and other materials spread fast and smooth! Driveways, Seed & Sod prep, whatever you need...

Many people think a Harley Rake attachment must be rented for the Bobcat to effectively prep for seed or sod but the truth is if you're adding about 2" of topsoil, you don't need a rake. A rake rental costs between $200 to $225 extra once insurance and tax is included, plus there's time charged for pickup/delivery of the attachment meaning you pay out about $300. Put that money into top quality topsoil!

Bobcat man can scarify/dig the top 2" of existing soil, add 2" of fine screened topsoil, smooth it and you're good to go with a beautiful seed bed. Edges (against concrete, fences etc.) must be hand raked. You may wish to do that yourself after the spreading or you may wish to have Bobcat Man provide a hand laborer and perform the entire prep job turnkey.

By the way: Topsoil, crusher run, pea gravel and other materials can be spread quickly by the T590. How much, how fast? About one tri-axle load (16-22 tons or cubic yards) can be spread per 30-45 minutes provided the materials are located close to where they're being spread. They can also be hauled point-to-point on a site; highly beneficial if the only available drop area is quite a distance from where they're needed for installation.

Imagine your depression (fueled by contemplating hand-carrying tons of materials on a hot day) turning to jubilation as Bobcat Man rounds the corner hauling butt, bringing a huge bucketload of what you need right to where you need it. Time to break out the special shoes and dance a little jig!

Of course, right now you're probably wondering...Should I rent a machine and do the job myself?If not, who should I hire?

Ever heard the old truism that "the most expensive lawyer is usually the cheapest in the long run?" You're almost always better off with the so-called "expensive" $250/hr. lawyer rather than the cheap $150/hr. man! Would you rather pay $150- $300 to someone to spend an hour or two researching that answer you need to win your case or pay $32 for 10 minutes with someone who knows the answer? It's even more true for hiring a Bobcat operator and with Bobcats there's no fuzzy logic involved, it can be calculated! A 9,000 lb. machine vs. 4,000. A 1,750 lb. lift capacity vs. 900. A turbocharged engine that delivers 110 HP vs. 40. Why pay $50 per hour for 12 hours ($600) when you can pay $85 per hour for 5 hours and the load/unload/travel charge ($475) and get a better job to boot?

In other words, hire someone with a mid-size machine and the math says you're paying 72% of my rate but getting less than half the work! Plus the extra experience means speed and efficiency that save you $! Not-so-bright people see only the hourly rate and think the lower rate number is the better deal. Intelligent folk? They do their research, do the math, then pick up the phone and call the Bobcat Man! In most cases renting a Bobcat or similar loader is an even worse choice than hiring someone else, please see the sidebar to the right.


BOBCAT!!! The T590 Bobcat run by the Bobcat Man is a winning combo...a match made in Bobcat heaven you might say. "I wait to get you Bill," said Johnny, a contractor who builds new houses I work for regularly, "Because you and your machine can do what no one else I've hired before over the years can!

How Can Hiring Be Cheaper Than Renting?

Shouldn't Bobcat Man charge more than rental stores? Shouldn't he charge the delivered rental store price plus his operator rate?

Yes, if he bid by the job instead of worked by the hour and he bid for every possible negative contingency like most others do he could charge over $1,000 per day for his service. He'd surely make a lot more money and maybe be tooling around on his yacht.

But there are too many people who need this work and simply can't afford to pay over a grand a day, so Bobcat Man, wanting to make his service affordable not just for the rich, but for everyone, crunched the numbers and came up with his "no-estimate, just book me and I'll come do it" price.

He based his basic daily machine rate not on the rental store's occasional use machine charge that pro-rates to over $10,000 dollars per month, but on working nearly every day and on what he actually pays for his monthly payments, Bobcat insurance, liability insurance, truck insurance, other truck expenses, repairs, maintenance, fuel and other costs. He stripped out the store overhead/employees wages and determined a wage that let's him pay his bills and even buy a Twinkie for lunch now and then.

And thinking through every step for possible waste, Bobcat Man realized when he "delivers" his machine he is staying to do the job so he doesn't have to charge you to "return to the store" until the job is done. With a delivered rental, the customer pays out the whazoo for two wasted trips that are of no benefit to anyone except the store owner.

Are you a homeowner considering renting for just a day or two? The Bobcat Man is FAR CHEAPER, will get more work done (due to experience) assumes ALL liabilty, and frees your time to double your productivity!